The standard launching meeting and seminar of "ethylene oxide sterilizer" and "made in Zhejiang" group was successfully held.

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On October 11, 2019, the group standard launch meeting and seminar of "Ethylene oxide Sterilizer" and "made in Zhejiang" drafted by Hangzhou Unik Disinfection equipment Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Zhejiang Institute of Standardization. Experts from Zhejiang Institute of Standardization, Yuhang District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, Guangdong Institute of Medical device Supervision and Inspection, National Disinfection and equipment Standardization Technical Committee, Taiermao Medical products (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Vocational and Technical College of Science and Technology conducted an in-depth study on the draft standard.

Starting from the whole life cycle of the product, according to the "made in Zhejiang" concept of "meticulous design, excellent material selection, Seiko manufacturing, and precision service", according to the requirements of "compliance, necessity, advanced nature, economy, and maneuverability", the participants conducted an in-depth discussion on the design and development, raw materials and parts, technology and equipment, technical requirements, and quality commitments involved in the draft standard. And some valuable suggestions for modification are put forward.